Monthly Archives : June 2014

Features in Hyper-V people like

1.The Checkpoints, we use Standard Checkpoints exclusively, for some other users the Production Checkpoint might be better.

2. Perfectly working Visual Studio integration for those coding Windows Universal or mobile apps. Installing Visual Studio after the Hyper-V is set up automatically creates the Windows Mobile virtual machines for debugging.

3. Automatic shutdown

Reduce Your Risk of Server Failure

Possibly the most unnerving and damaging event that can happen to an MSP is a server failure. If your server goes down, so does your business, until the issue is resolved, and downtime can cost you thousands. There are a variety of reasons your server may crash, including loss of power

What is the importance of FIREWALL in a business network ?

Every company or organization who connects to the Internet should always have a dedicated firewall device or appliance. Data is too important to lose and too critical to be careless with it.

What is a network firewall?

The intention behind network firewalls is that they filter internet transmissions so that only traffic

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