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1.The Checkpoints, we use Standard Checkpoints exclusively, for some other users the Production Checkpoint might be better.

2. Perfectly working Visual Studio integration for those coding Windows Universal or mobile apps. Installing Visual Studio after the Hyper-V is set up automatically creates the Windows Mobile virtual machines for debugging.

3. Automatic shutdown or suspension when the host is turned off, hibernated or the current user signs off. No need to shutdown virtual machines, automatic start feature restores my virtual machines to the exact state they were when suspended when we sign in again, either immediately or after a delay set by us.

4. Automatic start of selected virtual machines whenever we sign in, immediately or after a delay set by us.

5. Ability to run simple nested virtual machines; For instance Windows XP needs are covered by running Microsoft Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode on a Windows 7 Ultimate virtual machine running on Hyper-V on Windows 10 host.

6. Dynamic RAM which really works; set Start RAM, Minimum RAM and Maximum RAM values. The vm only uses the host RAM according to its current needs. Other virtualization solutions have “kind of” dynamic memory features, too, but they do not release the unneeded RAM to the host but instead the RAM not needed at the moment can only be used by other virtual machines; In Hyper-V each vm with dynamic memory enabled, the RAM they do not need and is released will immediately be usable by the host. In screenshot an example about how little RAM a Windows 10 Pro vm needs when its idle, only downloading and installing updates.

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