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Which is the best firewall supplier in Dubai for small business?

Security is the most important aspect of any business, whether it be small or large. No business can move forward without proper security systems to protect the hardware and software infrastructure from external threats. The external threats include data leakage, malwares, ransomwares and other unauthorized interference from varied sources. Firewall is a network security system that monitors and regulates the network traffic based on fixed security rules. The system establishes a barrier between a trusted network and unknown network. DataWave is the leading firewall supplier in Dubai offering reliable security for business.

Why businesses need firewall?

IT infrastructure security is a core area that can even affect the existence of a business. With rapid advancements in information technology, businesses are facing greater challenges that comes in the form of malwares and corrupted software that can attack a system or network by disrupting communication, degrading performance and compromising data.

Ensuring the right network security would be a difficult task for businesses, especially the smaller ones as they can’t afford the same range of protection as large enterprises due to financial and infrastructural constraints. A next generation firewall (NGFW) offers comprehensive network protection from a whole spectrum of existing and emerging network threats. DataWave being the best firewall supplier in Dubai provides next gen firewall that combines anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, application intelligence, content filtering, firmware updates and 24/7 network support.

Here are the major reasons why you must consider using a reliable firewall security for your company or office system network.

  • Having a firewall secures your organization’s network system and business data from unauthorized/unknown access.
  • It prevents the network from linking to unwanted or blocked content and makes your communication safer on the internet.
  • Installing a firewall helps an organization to protect their vital data from being encrypted by hackers and third parties.

Firewall supplier in Dubai

Although there are many IT service providers, Fortinet and SonicWall are the leading firewall suppliers in Dubai. They are the world’s largest providers of network security applications. All their products are well designed to protect company networks against potential threats that can harm an organization’s safety and reputation.

Fortinet Firewall Dubai

A global provider of network security solutions and one of the top market players in next-generation firewalls, Fortinet delivers more visibility, control and protection from network security threats to users ranging from corporate companies to personally owned mobile devices. Fortinet is a reliable option for companies that want to ensure complete protection from all hidden threats.

The major areas that set Fortinet firewall apart from its competitors are the choice of integration with Wi-Fi, option for add-ons, and security services like malware, spam, viruses, content filtering and intrusion prevention. Another advantage is that Fortinet offers a firewall solution for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small business or a medium-sized company, Fortinet offers a firewall choice

to meet each user’s individual requirements. DataWave is a prominent firewall supplier in Dubai offering branded NextGen firewall solutions from market leaders like Fortinet at reasonable price.

Salient features of Fortinet firewall

  • Fortinet’s firewall solution provides comprehensive coverage and visibility for your enterprise’s entire network system, in contrast to deploying network security solutions from multiple vendors, which causes unnecessary complexity and security gaps.
  • Fortinet firewall employs a single operating system that works across different network cases. It delivers industry-leading security, efficacy, supreme performance and reduced complexity.
  • It is teamed with CPUs of the latest technologies to prevent attacks from potential risk areas.
  • Fortinet firewalls are known to be the fastest in the industry, ensuring superior performance

SonicWall Firewall Dubai

SonicWall firewall is a reliable choice for businesses that consider security to be of prime importance. SonicWall provides world-class network firewall solutions for small as well as large business enterprises. SonicWall firewall solutions include stateful packet forwarding, application enforcement, intrusion prevention, DoS/DDoS protection, user/group-based firewall rules, object-oriented rule sets, ARP security and much more. Finding a reliable network firewall supplier in Dubai is not an easy task. DataWave is the most reputed firewall supplier in Dubai offering trusted firewall solutions from world class brands like SonicWall.

Salient features of SonicWall firewall

  • SonicWall firewall help you achieve robust network security without sacrificing performance.
  • It ensures better security and efficiency for business networks at an affordable price.
  • SonicWall provides different network firewalls that vary in functionality, while protecting your business from unwanted access.

Best firewall supplier in Dubai

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, and need to deploy a high-performance data centre firewall, an enterprise Next Generation firewall or a smaller UTM device for your Business, DataWave offers the best firewall solutions to fit your unique network security requirements. We are the best firewall supplier in Dubai and also a leading firewall supplier in UAE offering next-generation firewall solutions to ensure advanced protection from sophisticated, highly targeted attacks, without causing network bottleneck.

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