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Data Wave provides AMC to your IT services

Our Managed IT Services which is also referred to as Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is when you outsource your business’s Information Technology (IT) to a trusted IT company which in turn provides your employees unlimited IT support while  strategically managing your IT infrastructure – all at a fixed price.

Managed IT services

Providing 24×7 Support and AMC solutions for Windows and Linux platforms on servers & systems.

Cloud computing

Prevent data loss with encrypted storage and virtualized recovery, then enjoy increased productivity.

Cyber security

Protect your business from malware, hackers, viruses and the most commonly security

IT Support

We offer a comprehensive range of managed IT support packages for all sizes of business

IT Consultancy

Our IT consulting team will provide you with the highly available technology platform that you need

Custom Software

Explore our range of bespoke software development with a strong end-user focus.



We manage your IT, so you can manage your business

Process-driven and cost-effective network management and IT support services for cloud-based and on-premise environments. As your trusted partner, count on our team to keep your data secure and systems running at all times.



IT Services

When it comes to IT infrastructure, what the customer want is to be a secured, future-proofed and technology integrated – Data Wave JachOOs Group specialize in consulting and assisting organizations to deliver efficient IT solutions and services.

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling is a set of standards based method of engineering and installing an integrated data, voice and video cabling system for your business. The methods we used to complete and maintain cabling installations are depends on these standards.


A PBX system that connects telephone extensions to the Public Switched Telephone Network or Telephone line providers and allow internal communication for a business. An IP PBX work with network connectivity using TCP/IP protocol.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems used to control and monitor authorized and unauthorized access. Nowadays most of the systems are highly advanced and, rather than just controlling the access, we are able to install and configure attendance time and attendance system, payroll integration, integration with CCTV systems, integration with telephone systems etc.

Security IP Camera solutions

We are one of the most reliable and experienced IP CCTV installer and solution providers in the UAE. We are teamed up with professional providers to provide efficient and timely service to our customers. CCTV have seen incredible advances in recent years, transforming its capability out of all recognition.

Software Integrated Solutions

We provide computer hardware integrated software solutions for different business verticals. Our brand JachOOs deliver world class web designs & provide web hosting services on our powerful servers kept in professional, secure data centers. We do study the requirements for your business IT needs that is driven by different electronic devices controlled by customized software designed and developed by JachOOs!

    Who We Are ?

    Data Wave is an established IT And Telecom Integrator in UAE. Our business approach is based on establishing long term relationships that encourage success through mutual benefit.
    Data Wave was established to be a pioneer in development and implementation of smart IT Infrastructural designs and of proficient business solutions.
    Our procedures and solutions has been growing at a pace where, we were able to achieve a hand full in each of the leading technologies of IT infrastructure in the market.
    We provide IT oriented services to different business verticals all over UAE and Middle East.

    AMC Services

    AMC DUBAI – Annual Maintenance Contract  Dubai

    Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is a scheme that includes monitoring and maintenance of your company’s IT systems and networks that is covered under the plan for a fixed period. The IT AMC service provider manages and looks after all the system requirements during this period. DataWave is a leading IT company offering 24/7 IT support and AMC, Dubai for all business verticals ranging from startups to MNCs.
    In today’s digital era, our dependence on IT resources is such that if it stops even for a short time period, it affects our work and we start to panic. As a matter of fact, you cannot afford device downtime even for a few seconds.
    The main objective of AMC is to ensure that your desktops, laptops, servers, networks, firewalls and other devices perform efficiently 24X7. Your business can also enjoy the benefit of complete maintenance as any hardware or software issues are managed efficiently within minimum time. Our AMC services at DataWave comes at very minimal price on yearly subscription.
    Are you looking for reliable and affordable IT support and AMC, Dubai? At DataWave, our professional engineers and technicians are available 24/7 to give you necessary support and keep your IT resources up and running without failure. Even if you experience any IT issues, our AMC team will identify the problems and fix them within no time.

    Why you need IT AMC Services?

    IT AMC services play a vital role in the smooth running of every business. With effective AMC support, your business can remain assured that all your IT maintenance needs will be well taken care of for the fixed period. Businesses can leverage the following benefits by choosing IT AMC services.
    Cost savings – Maintaining huge IT infrastructure is a challenging task than installing the same as it’s impossible to predict when a system failure occurs. IT AMC services help companies to save unnecessary maintenance charges that can happen during a whole year.
    Enhance performance – IT AMC services will help to enhance your system performance, as any issues are being monitored and maintained without delay. It is also important to update your IT resources and software with latest system upgrades.
    Expert guidance – Without proper AMC support, you will have to rely on local services or your own limited skills at the time of an emergency. But with the help of IT AMC services, you can leverage professional guidance from expert engineers and technicians.
    24/7 technical support – System failures don’t occur at fixed times as predicted. It can happen at most inappropriate times disrupting work continuity. With a complete coverage of IT AMC services, you can get 24/7 support without compromising on your work.
    IT AMC services are the need of the hour as it keeps the business running. It allows you to focus on business expansion, while experienced technicians take care of all your hardware and software needs. Timely integrations and software updates also help to keep the business going under any situation.
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