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  • Wireless Video Collaboration
  • Room scheduling and control
  • Digital Signage
  • Video switching and distribution

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Meeting Room Solutions

With modern meeting room solutions, you can choose from different room sizes and participant counts. With our advanced solutions, Datawave Technologies is able to assist you in overcoming the typical or common technical problems you experience during online meetings. You can rely on our team of professionals to design your entire conferencing infrastructure so that your employees have fully integrated devices with a cloud-like work environment so that it’s easy for them to present, collaborate, and share. We provide management solutions that make it easy for your company partners, managers, or meeting presenters to keep track of and coordinate with everyone from one screen.
With AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven technology, wide-angle cameras, ultra-sensitive microphones, and more, we can help improve the audio-visual quality of your online meeting. Datawave Technologies can provide a reliable and inclusive experience for all participants in your online meetings, ensuring that they never miss out on what is being said.

Our Solutions

Video Conference( Online Meeting)

To develop productive venues for your internal team meetings, we combine AI-powered solutions with proven industry expertise. Our products enable you to connect several devices to a single smart display screen, allowing the presenter to save, analyze, and record data while also sharing it with others.

Internal Presentation

For your virtual meeting room or venue, we develop and deploy the best video equipment and systems. No matter where you are, our meeting solution gives a straightforward, trustworthy experience to all of your meeting attendees, making it simple for you to host, present, and manage a meeting.


    Outr Solution Features

    Wireless Video Collaboration

    With our Meeting Room Solutions, you can collaborate wirelessly via video in any meeting room, training facility, or location. Additionally, you can share any kind of file or content to devices all around the room.

    Room scheduling and control

    Install intuitive room scheduling software to eliminate double bookings of meeting rooms, and to ensure that all materials and meeting elements are provided well in advance of a meeting.

    Digital Signage

    Liven up your meeting space by using digital signs, which will help you deliver the right message at each meeting without having to print and produce new printed materials.

    Video Switching and Distribution

    Your presentations can be managed by connecting, extending, and switching any video device to the displays in the conference rooms. Your meetings will run smoothly, professionally, and orderly this way.

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