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How Datawave can help to Improve Your Business?

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a private telephone network that acts as an internal switchboard for effective internal and external communication; the latter is facilitated by a connection to a public switchboard

Improved internal communication is the main advantage of a PBX. By using short extensions or internal lines instead of full phone numbers, employees can easily communicate with each other without having to use separate phone lines. Employees can also share phone lines. This is essentially free of charge since no external switchboard is used. A traditional PBX system, however, requires expensive switchboard hardware, phone lines wiring, and ongoing maintenance.

An IP PBX is an advanced PBX system that uses the Internet Protocol to communicate with existing broadband infrastructure. Datawave UCaaS (Unified Communications as A Service) is one such example of an Internet Telephony PBX. All communication takes place using UCaaS console software available in both web and mobile versions, softphone apps, or physical IP phones that can be purchased separately

UCaaS solutions require no hardware purchase and maintenance, so their cost is a fraction of the cost of a traditional PBX, and their installation and maintenance is simpler. In addition, UCaaS solutions offer other benefits such as the ability to reroute phone lines without physically moving them, and the ability to unify your entire enterprise with one communication system. Even if all staff members work from home, another office, or are on the road; they can still use the same system and communicate with one another using UCaaS extensions and lines and also integrate into Microsoft Skype and Microsoft Teams. Also, the system can be customized to meet the needs of your organization and expanded organically as it grows.


    IP PBX System Features

    Skype Integration

    By integrating your business Skype account with your IP-PBX, you can reduce the cost of communication.

    Microsoft Teams Integration

    Microsoft Teams brings everything together in a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files, and work with business apps.

    Call Forwarding

    There is a chance that the person being called will not be able to respond. We offer call forwarding services that route any and all incoming calls to the desired recipient’s telephone service.

    Call Recording

    As business calls often involve important information exchange, we provide call recording services as well as external storage of recordings (e.g., USB, TF, SD, HDD). VolP PBX S-Series include this service.


    It’s rare for people to wish to wait over busy/engaged lines for hours. With our queue service, you can put your calls in a specific order and receive them as soon as an extension becomes available

    Call Pickup

    Using desk phones allows users to pick up calls from their own desks, which reduces the stress of running around the office to answer unanswered calls.

    Attended Transfer

    The feature allows an extension user to receive another call while on the phone, so the user can respond to important calls without missing out on them, while the first caller will be put on hold until the extension user switches back.

    Caller ID

    Many aspects of incoming calls can be benefited from information, including directing the call to the most appropriate person.

    Call Waiting

    The feature allows an extension user to receive another call while on the phone, so the user can respond to important calls without missing out on them, while the first caller will be put on hold until the extension user switches back.

    Call Monitor

    Some privileged users (managers or supervisors) are able to use this service to monitor all conversations if they need to supervise a trainee or listen to an important call.

    Waiting music

    Being put on a queue and having to wait is never pleasant. With our services, you can customize your on-hold music to be entertaining or informative.

    Music on Hold

    As part of our services, music is also played while callers are on hold. Yearstar IPPBX allows you to upload any .wav or .gsm file with music and set the on-hold music.

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