Top New Trends in Cyber Security in 2022

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Executives in charge of security and risk management are at a turning point as businesses’ digital footprints grow and centralized cybersecurity control is made obsolete. New threats have been introduced by hybrid labor and digital business processes in the cloud. Meanwhile, sophisticated ransomware, cyber-attacks on the digital supply chain, and deeply ingrained vulnerabilities have revealed technical gaps and a lack of skilled workers. These can be solved with the help of the best IT solutions companies in Dubai like DataWave.

With the advent of the digital revolution, businesses, organizations, and even governments are turning to computerized systems to conduct their daily operations. As a result, cybersecurity has become a huge priority to safeguard data from various online threats and unauthorized access. As news of data breaches, ransomware, and hacking becomes the norm, it follows that there will be a similar shift in cybersecurity trends as a result of ongoing technological advancement. The top cybersecurity trends are listed below.

Increase in Automotive Hacking

Today’s vehicles are loaded with automated software that enables smooth connectivity for drivers in areas like airbags, cruise control, door locks, and advanced driver aid systems. These vehicles use Bluetooth and WiFi to connect, which exposes them to a number of security flaws or hacker threats. Autonomous or self-driving vehicles use an even more complicated process that demands stringent cybersecurity precautions.

The New Target Is Mobile

In 2019, mobile banking malware or attacks are expected to expand significantly (by 50%), making our handheld devices a possible target for hackers. Our emails, chats, financial transactions, and images all pose greater risks to people. The malware or virus that affects smartphones may be the focus of upcoming cybersecurity developments.

Cloud Could Also Be Vulnerable

To safeguard the data from threats, security procedures must be regularly performed and upgraded as more businesses establish themselves in the cloud. Although cloud programs like those from Google and Microsoft still have strong security measures in place, it’s the user end that often leads to mistakes, malicious software, and phishing scams. Data Wave is a top IT AMC service provider that can help you tackle such issues.

Data Breaches: Key Objective

Organizations all over the world will continue to prioritize data. Protecting digital data is the main aim now, whether for an individual or a business. Any tiny defect or vulnerability in your computer’s software or browser could allow hackers access to your sensitive data. new, severe regulations.

The New Technology Era and Risks of IoT with 5G Network

With the coming and expansion of 5G networks, the Internet of Things (IoT) will prosper in a new era of interconnectivity. Additionally, because of the connectivity between numerous devices, they are vulnerable to outside interference, attacks, or unidentified software bugs. Because 5G architecture is still relatively new in the market, extensive study is needed to identify vulnerabilities and strengthen the system’s defenses against outside attacks.

Integration and Automation

Automation must be integrated to have more sophisticated control over the data because of the increasing data size. Automation is more vital than ever because of the pressure placed on experts and engineers by today’s hectic job demands to provide rapid and effective solutions. Security metrics are included into the agile development process to produce software that is safer in every aspect. You can get services from Data Wave, the best IT solutions company in Dubai, for solving your cyber security issues.

Cyberwarfare Supported by the State

The competition between the western and eastern powers to establish superiority won’t be stopped. Despite the attacks being rare, the conflict between the US and Iran or Chinese hackers frequently makes headlines around the world and has a big impact on events like elections. Additionally, with more than 70 elections expected to be held this year, criminal activity will increase at this time.

Internal Threats

One of the main causes of the data breach is still a human mistake. Millions of stolen data can bring down a whole company on any bad day or purposeful loophole. 34 percent of all attacks were either directly or indirectly carried out by the internal staff, according to a recent report on a data breach that provides strategic insights on cybersecurity trends.

Data Wave: The Top-Notch IT AMC Service Provider

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