Best IT-services and solutions in Abu Dhabi

Managed IT Services, also known as Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC), are when you outsource your business’ IT to a trusted IT company, which in turn provides unlimited IT support while proactively and strategically managing your IT infrastructure.
DataWave is a leading managed IT service provider in abudhabi that offers IT managed services to organizations on a global scale with an experienced team of technical support professionals, advanced IT tools, and cutting-edge technology.
As the most reputable IT managed service provider in abudhabi, we partner with leading technology vendors to deliver cutting-edge IT solutions to businesses of all sizes and verticals. IT managed services, abudhabi includes server solutions, networking, firewall security, IP telephony, CCTV, data backup, and much more to keep your business running without technology problems.

5 stars Google Reviews for IT- Services and Solutions

I am using Microsoft Azure from Dubai datacenter, very good support and service from Jachoos. my hosted blogs are very fast and they used to help me for many things to complete my project. Thanks to Jachoos team!

Saju Menon

Fast and reliable around the clock.
I have very little to no knowledge of hosting services but JachOOs offer a 1st rate customer support service. They are super prompt in responding to support tickets and always resolve issues effectively.

Vishnu Prasad E S

Highly professional team with deadly dedication, trustworthy and within budget, affordable.

Sibin Chandran

They are super fast in responding to support tickets and always resolve issues effectively.

Zaroon Ali

Iam using AWS reseller hosting from past 1.5 years ,i can recommend they are best in town in terms of performance, be it server speed, and support, i strongly recommend jachoos,

Agish Dani

What Can You Choose With Us?

We are an established IT support and telecom integrator company in Dubai specializing in a wide range of IT solutions and services


Managed IT services

24/7 maintenance and monitoring that keeps your computers, servers, and systems up and running. Providing Support and AMC solutions for Windows and Linux platforms.

Cloud computing

Prevent data loss with encrypted storage and virtualized recovery, then enjoy increased productivity.

Cyber security

Protect your business from malware, hackers, viruses and the most commonly security

IT Support & Services

We offer a comprehensive range of managed IT support packages for all sizes of business

IT Consultancy

Our IT consulting team will provide you with the highly available technology platform that you need

Custom Software

Explore our range of bespoke software development with a strong end-user focus.

Structured Cabling

Set of standards based method of engineering and installing an integrated data, voice and video cabling system for your business.


A PBX system that connects telephone extensions to the Public Switched Telephone Network or line providers and allow internal communication for a business.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems used to control and monitor authorized and unauthorized access. Nowadays most of the systems are highly advanced and, rather than just controlling the access, we are able to install and configure attendance time and attendance system, payroll integration, integration with CCTV systems, integration with telephone systems etc.

Security IP Camera solutions

We are one of the most reliable and experienced IP CCTV installer and solution providers in the UAE. We are teamed up with professional providers to provide efficient and timely service to our customers. CCTV have seen incredible advances in recent years, transforming its capability out of all recognition.

Software Integrated Solutions

Our brand JachOOs deliver world class web designs & provide web hosting services on our powerful servers kept in professional, secure data centers. We do study the requirements for your business IT needs that is driven by different electronic devices controlled by customized software designed and developed by JachOOs!

Why IT support services are important for a business?

In today’s technologically advanced world, business of all sizes must maintain advanced information technology platforms. Consequently, they are able to communicate effectively with their customers, resulting in increased productivity and profit. However, due to the huge expense involved, it may not be feasible for small businesses and startups to have an inhouse IT team. Due to this, it is important to outsource various IT services and IT solutions that are necessary for each business, paying only a fixed fee. As one of the best IT companies in Abudhabi, DataWave provides complete IT solutions to small and large businesses.

Benefits of IT support services

There are various benefits in outsourcing IT services from a technology solutions provider on a need basis. Here let u discuss a few of the following.

All businesses are dependent on data, and its effective management requires a considerable amount of effort and time. Various departments will have a lot of data, such as HR, payroll, income, expenditure, client information, employee information, etc. Loss or damage to these data can have a significant impact on the workings and reputation of the company. A regular backup of the system files on advanced servers can prevent such a crisis. In the event of a system crash, cyberattack or natural disaster, companies will be able to recover their data immediately. DataWave is a leading IT solutions provider in Abudhabi , UAE that provides advanced data backup and server support to global clients.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is at the core of any business. A company’s customers are its most valuable asset, and managing a growing number of clients manually is not easy. CRM software facilitates the effective management of client interactions. It is generally managed by an IT services provider. With digital marketing services, IT companies are also able to market your products instantly to a large number of customers. Such services have now become an integral part of every business.

In today’s world, it is impossible to run a business without automation software. It is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Businesses use many automated tools to run their business, including ERP software that can help with accounting, HR, payroll, client management, and employee management. In addition to providing IT services in Abudhabi, DataWave focuses on solutions such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

While technology has provided many benefits, it has also led to major problems affecting the entire planet. A cyberthreat is a constant tension for all businesses and organizations. Globally, more than 30,000 websites are hacked every day, according to reports. Websites and emails of startups and MNCs, as well as personal blogs, are included. To protect your business from cyberthreats, you must install firewalls and antivirus software on your online networks, websites, and emails. DataWave is a leading provider of IT solutions in Abudhabi offering comprehensive antivirus solutions and firewall support to global businesses.

The website is the face of any business that interacts with their customers. Websites that are properly built and customized to a company’s needs can be an effective tool for branding and generating leads. You need the help of a reliable IT services provider to build a website that stands out in terms of content, design and technical aspects such as loading speed, mobile compatibility, and easy navigation. As a leading provider of IT services in Abudhabi, DataWave has gained a worldwide reputation for building wonderful websites for businesses and organizations.

An IT service provider provides this service to businesses as well. Enterprises need a website and email to communicate with their clients. Companies will have to rely on IT support services to host their websites and other business applications. Web hosting, dedicated server support, managed hosting support, and more are included. DataWave is one of the leading IT solutions companies in Abudhabi, providing businesses with web hosting, email hosting, and other hosting services.

A business’ performance and other aspects need to be monitored and analyzed continuously for optimum performance. If an error occurs accidentally, it should be discovered right away and remedial measures should be taken at. To accomplish this, a technical and automated system must be in place that can identify any errors in the business network and take corrective action right away. As a leading provider of IT services in Abudhabi, DataWave has a team of eminent engineers and IT professionals who are able to identify any issues within your technical network and resolve them as soon as possible.

In order to run an enterprise smoothly, it is important to boost and maintain the business’ resources. This can only be accomplished with timely and professional AMC support. With an AMC service, you can easily manage your IT resources, such as network infrastructure, servers, firewalls, websites, and various other hardware components. DataWave is a highly regarded company in Abudhabi delivering 24/7 AMC support to businesses across the Middle East. By using our remote desktop connection and TeamViewer support, we can provide timely support to distant clients.

Why is IT support important in a business?

Information technology covers a wide range of services and industries. Developing a network or achieving success would be impossible for businesses and society without relevant IT services. IT support services range from simple processes like data management and recordkeeping to implementing complex business operations and customer relationship management.

Looking for a reliable IT service provider? DataWave is one of the most established IT solution companies in Abudhabi with over a decade of expertise in providing a wide range of IT services in Abudhabi and UAE. At most affordable rates, we provide complete IT solutions to help companies and enterprises manage their business efficiently 24/7.

Why choose us?”

Control IT Costs

You can scale your IT Costs according to your requirements and only pay for what you need. Whether that be increasing or decreasing staff, or IT project work.

Trusted IT advisor

Through regular account management meetings your Managed IT service company will be able to oversee your overall IT roadmap and become your trusted advisor.

Economy of scale

As your business grows, its support structure needs to grow, too. When you use a managed IT service you can scale your business up or down with nothing more than a simple discussion

Increased efficiency

You’ll have your IT needs outsourced to a team of IT experts, and during times where you need additional project support, your managed IT provider supplies the extra staff.

Small initial investment

Managed IT services help you offset the initial investment of technology costs. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on hardware and software upfront.

IT solutions company in Abudhabi

Abudhabi is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and one of the world’s largest business hubs. During the past few years, the city has established itself as a digital hub as well. A business must have effective IT support if it wants to be successful in a competitive environment. The right IT solutions can boost productivity and efficiency. DataWave is a leading IT solution provider in Abudhabi , Dubai UAE with a track record of helping businesses and organizations succeed in the marketplace. As an experienced IT solutions company in Abudhabi, we provide a wide range of IT support services to global enterprises ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations. Our wide range of IT services includes server support, Wi-Fi solutions, data storage and backup, IT infrastructure, networking, custom software, and much more.

Server Solution

Every business places a high value on data storage and security. In order to store and protect their business data from outside interference, companies spend a lot of money and time. Our company is a Dubai-Abudhabi , UAE based IT solutions provider associated with branded datacenters worldwide, including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services. Companies can choose from IaaS, SaaS and PaaS services on cloud servers and dedicated servers, based on their needs. We have a highly professional technical staff that helps you install, maintain, and update your servers 24/7 with the highest level of dedication.

IT infrastructure solutions

To manage the growing business requirements within various departments like manufacture, distribution, marketing, sales, accounts, finance, and logistics, companies need a strong IT infrastructure. Hardware solutions include laptops, desktops, Wi-Fi solutions, structured cabling, server support, CCTV solutions, IP telephony, etc. We offer leading industry infrastructure solutions from companies like Cisco, Dell, Bosch, Panasonic, and Aruba, to name a few.

As a leading IT solutions provider in Abudhabi, we are always keen on delivering top-notch IT solutions at an affordable price.

Enterprise Network Solution

A company cannot survive without effective communication between management, employees, vendors, business associates, and customers. Streamline the flow of information between departments 24/7 from anywhere, overcoming the limitations of time and space. During the transmission of data from one source to another, there needs to be high levels of privacy and security. DataWave is the most renowned IT solutions company in Abudhabi. We provide highly trusted enterprise network solutions to a valuable clientele across many continents. Our network integration technology and services ensure that your communication networks are scalable, customized to meet your connectivity needs, and also compliant with industry standards.

NextGen Firewall Solution

Every business needs security. Using three distinct ID technologies – App-ID, User-ID, and Content-ID – NextGen firewalls can identify and monitor apps, users, and content besides ports, IP addresses, and packets. By utilizing these technologies, businesses are able to secure applications based on innovative principles rather than using the traditional port-blocking firewalls found in many security devices. DataWave partners with global suppliers of IT solutions to provide customized systems based on your network architecture and security requirements. We offer reliable firewall solutions in Abudhabi to enhance your network’s efficiency and security.

Data Recovery Solution

Every business can be crippled by the loss of data. It is therefore vital that it be protected at all costs. Providing secure and reliable data recovery solutions, DataWave is Abu Dhabi’s most trusted IT solutions provider.

We use advanced software tools to secure your data at rest, in motion, and at the end point. We can recover data using a variety of methods such as keywords, custom dictionaries, text analysis, and fingerprinting and matching.

Avail end-to-end IT managed services Dubai

DataWave is a leading managed IT service provider in Abudhabi, Dubai with an experienced technical support team, advanced IT tools and cutting-edge technology offering IT managed services to businesses and organizations on a global scale. We are the most acclaimed IT managed services Abudhabi, associated with major technology vendors to deliver top-notch IT solutions to companies of all sizes and verticals. Our major IT managed services, Dubai, Abudhabi,includes server solutions, networking, firewall security, IP telephony, CCTV, data backup and much more to keep your business running 24/7 without any technology crisis.

Our IT managed services Dubai


An up-to-date and secure network is crucial to the smooth operation of your business. We provide high-end network security solutions such as router and firewall configuration, managed switch installation, wireless access point deployment, and data and voice network cabling. Our network installation includes sophisticated security testing to protect the privacy of your users and your data. By securing all your email, web applications, remote access, web browsing, mobile internet, and network perimeters with our reliable IT managed services in Abudhabi, we guarantee a totally risk-free network. By integrating our network solutions, we help you identify, avert, and recover from zero-day vulnerabilities, advanced malware, automated threats, ransomware, and other online attacks.

Data security

Have you ever encountered a situation where you have lost your valuable data and cannot recover it? Data storage and security is one of the most important aspects of business management. The best data storage, security, and recovery solutions from DataWave help you manage employee records, financial details, assets, company expansion plans, customer records, and much more in a simple and effective way. Many businesses handle the data of so many customers, and their security is very important to maintain their trust. Additionally, they invested a lot of money to ensure that their information was secure. If you are seeking one of the most reliable, secure and affordable data storage solutionsin the market, DataWave would be the right choice. We offer premium quality IT managed services, Abudhabi that can keep your business protected from all kinds of data loss.

Remote IT support

With today’s technological innovations, providing IT support for your business does not require physical proximity. Our experienced team offers 24/7 IT managed services in Abudhabii remotely at any time, wherever your business is located. Small, medium and large businesses as well as public and private organizations can benefit from our IT support services. Organizations can access quality IT services from world class providers and increase their business growth at a rapid rate with remote IT services. With our support, you can do business anywhere in the world while we ensure your network is always running smoothly.Even if you experience a downtime, you will not have to wait for technicians to come to your location to fix the issues.We can provide our expert services to you from a remote location.

Cloud services

Businesses and organizations can reap innumerable benefits from cloud-based solutions. Cloud computing allows businesses to manage their data, workload, software, hardware, and other IT infrastructure from anywhere, without having to install and maintain them on-premises. Across the globe, cloud-based solutions are increasingly being used by organizations to run their businesses. The DataWave Group is one of the leading IT managed services providers in Abudhabi that provide reliable, dedicated, competent and affordable cloud services on branded servers worldwide.


Server management

The server is the device on which an organization’s online solutions such as websites, emails, software and other applications are stored. Any problems with the server can affect the entire business transaction and communication with customers. Therefore, server monitoring and management are essential to the smooth running of a business. DataWave is a prominent provider of IT managed services, Abudhabi, providing 24/7 server monitoring and management to different businesses and enterprises throughout the world.

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