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What makes firewall an essential element of today’s businesses?

A Firewall is a virtual wall built between a network of internet users and the external environment to protect the users from possible intrusions and cyberattacks. With the help of an effective firewall security, all communications entering or leaving a network will have to pass through a security check that will evaluate the message and prevent those ones that do not meet the security standards from entering the network. Firewall allows to build trust and safety across users connected via a common network. With gaining popularity of internet in all spheres of human life, the need of firewall has also increased manifold.

Types of firewalls

Firewalls are broadly divided into two main types known as hardware firewall and software firewall based on the method of installation.
Hardware – Also known as network firewalls, they are installed in between a user’s computer system and the internet. A hardware firewall helps to protect multiple computers that are connected to a common network. The major benefit of hardware firewall is that it offers an additional layer of security against outside attacks from reaching desktop systems. Some internet service providers offer small office routers that integrates firewall features.
Software – Many operating systems offer a built-in firewall feature that provides enhanced security, even if there is an external firewall. Firewall software can also be installed separately from a local computer store, software vendor or internet service provider. It can also be downloaded from the internet, while ensuring the authenticity of the website. The key benefit of software firewall is its ability to manage the network connection of individual applications on a system. But being located on the same system can sometimes hinder the firewall’s ability to identify and prevent cyberthreats.
The effective working and coordination of both these firewalls are helpful for a safe and secure browsing over the internet in work places and homes. DataWave is an established IT company (Firewall provider & Installation Dubai) offering advanced firewall solutions for small, medium and large businesses.

Benefits of firewall installation

These are a few of the major benefits of installing a firewall for your business IT network.
● Network Security
Today, most of the vital business communication of an organization happens over the internet. While communicating through the internet, the router of the system connects the company’s internal network to the internet. At this time, many unauthorized accesses can happen damaging the organization’s internal software and sometimes even disclosing confidential data such as passwords to potential hackers. Firewalls are fixed in the middle of two different networks to monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic, thus protecting the company’s vulnerable network from cyberattacks such as hackers spam and malware.
● Computer Security
A computer system that is not protected is at risk of attacks from external sources while connected to the internet. The firewall has a crucial role in protecting a computer from spam and malware by blocking them before they enter the system. This is made possible by the firewall often acting as a proxy server. While users communicate through the internet, the proxy server first receives the data and allows it to pass only after performing the security check. It also keeps your IP address hidden and stores accessed web page in the cache files for quick access in the future. So, the system never has to interact directly with the external environment, thus keeping your data secured.
● Desktop security
Unlike a whole network, there are individual desktop connections using cable internet connections to connect to the web. They are at greater risk of being hacked as they use a static IP address. Desktop Firewall is a personal firewall intended to prevent a single computer system connected to the internet from hackers and malware.

Firewall Network Security Solutions Provider in Dubai, UAE

Dubai being a business hub is in greater need of firewall security solutions than any other nation. Being a prominent firewall provider & installation in Dubai, DataWave aims to achieve maximum network security for our clients. We are also a leading firewall supplier in Dubai providing installation of branded network firewall at affordable cost. Visit our website to request a quote or get a free consultation with our IT experts.

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