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Any phone system that sends and receives voice data via the internet is referred to as IP telephony. IP phones connect to the internet via a router and modem, unlike traditional phones that require landlines to transfer analogue signals. In 1995, the first commercially available IP phone was released. It had poor audio quality and was excessively expensive when compared to a regular phone system. Internet-based phone technology has come a long way since then. IP telephony currently provides HD voice quality, lower operating expenses, and enhanced corporate phone capabilities.

To transmit voice communications over the internet, IP telephone systems use the Internet Protocol (IP) or other digital protocols. When using an IP PBX system, data is exchanged digitally over a LAN, then converted to analogue voice signals and sent to the PSTN. IP PBX is no longer the most cost-effective choice due to expensive hardware and installation expenses. The most widely used IP telephony solution is hosted VoIP. It allows companies to use complex PBX services without having to install hardware on their premises.

As POTS’ market share and usability decline, you may put your company and its business processes ahead of the curve by investigating the advantages of implementing an IP Telephony system.

Lower Cost

It all comes down to cost savings when switching to an IP telephony system. The internet service provider is the only monthly charge with an IP, especially VoIP. With a landline phone costing 7 cents per minute, these savings mount up rapidly for a company. You’ll also be able to call internationally and great distances for a fraction of the cost of using POTS. Long-distance and international phone calls, in fact, account for over half of the expected expenditures for businesses that use VoIP.

Better Mobility and Scalability

If your company has remote offices, IP telephony solutions are a must-have. You may just log into your system’s online interface and add another line instead of installing several physical phone systems. Your distant offices can go fully mobile in seconds without the need for telephone infrastructure. An IP solution allows businesses to scale up and down their communications.

Worldwide Access

More firms are discovering the benefits of hiring personnel who can work remotely because IP is wireless and portable. This is frequently viewed as a win-win situation for both parties. Working from home has numerous advantages for employees. For organizations, allowing workers to work from home reduces overhead expenses, allows for smaller office locations, and increases employee productivity.

Better Use of Bandwidth

One of the most common concerns businesses have about implementing an IP telephony system is how it would affect data usage and bandwidth. And it’s not without reason. According to a study, between 35 and 50 % of a phone conversation is spent in silence. This consumes bandwidth that may be used by other business divisions. Modern IP systems, on the other hand, use VAD, or voice activation detection, to compress quiet data to the greatest extent possible. During periods of silence, your IP system monitors total bandwidth allocation, ensuring that voice-to-voice communications are data-efficient.

Easy Integration

IP phone services are easy to integrate into a company’s current infrastructure. Faxes can be transmitted over email using IP phone services, and credit card data can be delivered much more quickly across the network. Because everything is faster, the workforce’s productivity will skyrocket. This also provides for better customer service because information can be retrieved, transferred, and received more quickly.

The Transmission of Multimedia Content

Voice-to-voice interactions aren’t the only benefit of IP telephone systems. In fact, IP telephone systems are capable of handling conference calls, video calls, and other meetings in which simultaneous audio and video streaming is required. POTS and older PBX systems are unable to meet the modern demands of global businesses that operate beyond state and international borders. By combining all of these conferencing requirements into a single solution, a comprehensive IP telephone system avoids software and hardware redundancy.

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