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Corporate communication systems have been driven by Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) for many years. The PABX is made up of various parts, including stations and lines in a closed network. Businesses with a PABX are free to utilize any platform they like, but their service provider is required to use a public switched telephone network. Datawave offers you IP PBX System Installation and Maintenance IT services for your business needs.

Some companies have determined that each employee has to have a phone because voice communication plays such an important role in business operations. The company will have a significant phone cost if it uses the conventional phone-line architecture. Since numerous employees will share a single phone line, a PABX system can save phone costs. Additionally, the staff members will be able to reach each other internally by using short extension numbers. In the end, the installation of a PABX system minimizes the number of actual phones inside the office space.


A PABX system includes several capabilities that make it a practical communication tool, including conference calls and toggling. The toggle tool, for instance, allows you to switch between calls without modifying the settings. As a result, you can move between conversing with a coworker and responding to a client’s inquiries. You will have the chance to have a conference call with a large number of participants simultaneously. Call waiting, callback, call forwarding, and call transfer are further common PABX capabilities.


Over the past few years, there has been a significant evolution in the technology that drives PABX. When PABX phone systems were initially established, they frequently connected private networks with public networks using analog connections. Businesses began to give multiplex connections priority as digitization and ISDN became commonplace. This implied that at least 30 connections might be active simultaneously on a single phone line.

Later, the technology developed to the point where VoIP systems were used by the majority of telephone services. Virtual calls predominated company interactions due to the introduction of cloud-based tools and extensions.

The most recent telephone services connect private phones to public telephone networks using IP protocols. The goal is to make sure that calls can be exchanged using cloud-based solutions. As a result, a company using cloud PABX systems doesn’t have to spend money on hardware to set up an automatic branch exchange.

How Does PABX Work?

A computer connecting line, a switchboard console, and other system hardware are some of the components of the PABX system. To transmit and receive digital signal packets, the hosted PABX system will employ voice-over IP technology. Converting an analog signal to a digital one is the first step in this procedure.

Following conversion, the PABX system is free to select any transmission path provided it is appropriate for the signal’s digital format. While the signal is being transmitted, the system will also offer extra features like voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, speed dial, and voicemail.

A public telephone exchange and PABX both function in very similar ways. Hardware and software components make up the typical PABX system. Local extension numbers can be added to the company’s internal network once the PABX system has been installed. These extension numbers will be given to particular phones or gadgets inside the corporate premises.

A PABX system’s key benefit is that internal company calls can be made without the assistance of an external network. Additionally, by simply pressing a single button, workers can communicate with one another.

Additionally, a customized pre-recorded message can be used to create an incoming call. This message may include information about the department’s services and the kind of department the user is calling. If an employee has to dial a number outside the company, the PABX phone system will do it.

Datawave offers Affordable PABX systems Solutions for Your Office

Businesses employing PABX systems save their telecommunications expenses while boosting overall productivity.  Datawave offer hosted PABX phone systems. We use tested cost-effective systems. For additional details, contact our experts right away.

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