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Dubai, without a speck of doubt, is a country of options and opportunities. Since the choices are many and the levels are different, choosing the best IT services and solutions in Dubai is harder than you can imagine. Here we are trying to give you an insight into how to do this. We will be giving certain indicators with which you can compare your available options.

Includes but is not limited to…

The major services included in a general It services and solutions bundle are five. According to how you consider them, the number can be different from five. Anyways, let’s stick to the point.

The services we mentioned before are:

  • Licensing
  • Requirement analysis
  • Setting up
  • Training
  • Service after sales


Every IT service starts with a proper and complete licensing procedure. The licensing is done for a business according to its IT requirements. This includes the number of systems required, choice of server, choice of hosting, varieties in permission, and required durations. Licensing is a crucial element of any IT-related service when starting from scratch.

Requirement analysis

Every business certainly has a different set of requirements for services. IT services are also no different. According to the domain and size of the business, the requirements vary largely. However, there can be minor variations too according to other interests and preferences. There are businesses of all types and sizes available in Dubai. All of them need IT services too. An IT services and solutions agency in Dubai must cater to the capability to fully understand the requirements of the business owners.

An IT services agency should record the requirements of its client. Then they need to compare those with the actual need of the client. After analysis, they should fix the configuration of the infrastructure required.

Setting up

Implementation of the infrastructure and the services as per the planning without any failure is the next step. Many services look good on paper and fail in reality because they don’t give much care to implementation since they are planned well. The IT service agency should be capable of distributing the infrastructure between on-premise and remote efficiently. They should also be aware of what level of cloud hosting service is needed for the business to analyze its capacity.


We cannot assume every individual in an organization is well-versed in the IT activities required. Especially since the world of IT is changing rapidly. An IT service provider must be capable of training the employees at the client’s end. Not just training, they are also bound to provide detailed guidelines for smooth operation. It should be in simple language as well. A well-trained team reduces the number of maintenance required. This stands for all services including IT services. IT AMC services in Dubai would be smooth if all the IT service providers here took the good initiative in training.

Service after sales

This includes both customer care services as well as maintenance services. Customer care service is an integral part of any service. Attending the grievance or complaints efficiently adds value to the service you are providing. All IT services and solutions in Dubai should possess multilingual customer care services. Needless to say, Arabic and English are a must. Regarding maintenance services, an IT service provider should possess well-defined maintenance packages to choose from.

Not all businesses require annual maintenance with full options. The service provider should be able to provide the maintenance package analyzing the business need. Remember, the competition is so high. Users can always shift according to their convenience and choices. If the service provider is not able to be flexible with the maintenance packages, they can be easily replaced.

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