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Annual Maintenance Contract: Types and Benefits

Can you think how your company would function without technology? What would you do if you didn’t have access to computers, the internet, or a firewall? Computers and IT peripherals have become such an integral part of modern life that even a few seconds of downtime can result in a

Cloud Computing and its Major Categories

Cloud computing is referred to as anything that includes offering hosted service via internet. In simple words, it is the distribution of computing services over the internet (“the cloud”) in order to provide faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale. Usually, you pay only for the cloud service you

Why is IT support essential for business growth?

Technology has become an inevitable part of today’s business sector. Every day, we see more and more companies moving towards the path of digitalization. With such reliance on information technology, it is obvious that no business can evolve without necessary IT support from a third-party service provider. IT support companies


Entrust your IT AMC in safe hands

DataWave is the most trusted IT AMC company, Dubai with a decade of experience in offering reliable AMC services for businesses of all sizes and verticals. We provide continuous monitoring of your IT infrastructure through automated software systems and keep them updated and running

On Demand IT support Dubai

What are the benefits of on-demand IT Support services?

Nowadays, every business, whether big or small, relies heavily on IT support services to manage their operations hassle-free. No business today can survive without the help of IT resources like website, wi-fi solutions, server support, networking, digital marketing, ERP solutions and much

Firewall & VPN solutions in Dubai

A guide to choosing best firewall & VPN solutions in Dubai for small business?

Dubai is a business hub that attracts local and foreign businesses more than any other city or nation in the world. The growth of digital economy is also on a huge rise during recent years. Technology has

Firewall provider & Installation Dubai

What makes firewall an essential element of today’s businesses?

A Firewall is a virtual wall built between a network of internet users and the external environment to protect the users from possible intrusions and cyberattacks. With the help of an effective firewall security, all communications entering or leaving a network will

Server Management & Monitoring Services in Dubai

Why are server management and monitoring services important for businesses?

Most of the companies spend a major part of their annual budget, time and effort to handle their IT infrastructure, server management and monitoring being the most important among them. In today’s world of digitalization, every enterprise needs online communication platforms

FortiGate & Sonic wall firewall Dubai

Why are Next-generation firewalls important for your business?

Companies and organizations today are moving more and more towards the path of digitalization. Innovations in information technology sector has made work and business processes much easier and faster compared to a decade ago. But there are also several challenges that society has

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