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A guide to choosing best firewall & VPN solutions in Dubai for small business?

Dubai is a business hub that attracts local and foreign businesses more than any other city or nation in the world. The growth of digital economy is also on a huge rise during recent years. Technology has made business setup and management much easier than it was before. But it is equally challenging, considering the online security threats faced by businesses every day. Firewall & VPN solutions helps businesses to protect their data and other resources and establishes a secure connection with their clients over the internet. Here, we shall discuss a few major firewall & VPN solutions in Dubai that are feasible for small businesses.
Fortinet is a market leader offering highly secure hardware-driven firewalls for all business verticals. Apart from having a powerful software support, the company designs its own application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC) processors. These are specifically built to provide high-speed network management with a capacity to scale up as your business evolves, without affecting security. Small businesses can choose their bandwidth requirement and enjoy next-generation firewall protection. Remote operation is possible as the entire network is managed on cloud.
Ubiquiti is a network router that has an in-built firewall that can by default check all incoming web traffic. That’s an effective way to keep your business secured from any outside sources while still allowing you to send information to trusted sources. It has a unique way of letting you completely customize what happens on your network, whether it is to block all connections between the internet and your local network or allow traffic only for already existing connections. As Ubiquiti is very cheap, small businesses may find it handy. It also offers a simple guide to set up the configuration manually or automatically with essential customizations.
Cisco is a popular brand name in networking and is mostly used by large enterprises. Still, it offers wide range of solution for small businesses that has an enterprise feel, scalability and premium features. There are basic options that can handle up to 50 clients at a time with 50 simultaneous VPN connections and premium options capable of managing up to 10,000 simultaneous connections, 1,500 of them over a VPN tunnel. Cisco has small business firewall & VPN solutions that offer cloud-based management with complete protection and additional security features like content filtering and automated VPN configuration if you need to secure all of your outbound web connections.
SonicWall offers versatile and agile network firewall solutions for small businesses that has large data demands. There are five different firewall solutions for small businesses and growing businesses to explore based on their requirement. SonicWall firewall employs machine learning to get better security and includes integrated wi-fi for easy installation. If you are looking for an affordable firewall & VPN solution in Dubai, SonicWall would be an ideal choice.
Palo Alto
Palo Alto is a leading brand providing Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) solutions that offers robust cloud-based operation that is specifically designed for online file-sharing. As more companies are switching to remote work mode, it’s necessary to find an ideal firewall option that support this type of integrated network in a secure way. Palo Alto employs VPN tunnels that can connect to your company’s cloud storage to monitor anything that passes through your employee network and secure it from threats. It can also be used to secure your public cloud that offers service to customers.
Firewall installation company in Dubai
For small businesses, it is not easy to have a technical team that can install and maintain their network and system firewalls. Data Wave is a leading IT service company offering firewall & VPN solutions, Dubai at affordable price for startups and small businesses. We have a dedicated technical support team providing complete installation, monitoring and maintenance of your whole system networks 24/7 to your utmost satisfaction.

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